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CE standartları yüksək keyfiyyətli Hengcheng İçki Avadanlıqları Getməyə hazırdır

Vaxt: 2023-03-28 Oxunub: 5

CE standards high quality Hengcheng Beverage Equipments

/Update on March. 28th, 2023 / ByHC Equipments

The warm sun and the wind are beginning to break the freezing reaches,salix leaf eyes-like and pink cheeks, already felt the spring heartbeat. With the end of cold winter of the epidemic, our economy has also recovered, and in this vast land, spring has still come.

In the early morning of March 28th, 2023, One 20container are prepared to go from our Shanghai Hengcheng stocks.

“It is easy for us to get the goods ready for shipment, but not a soft job“said by one staff of dispatch group of Shanghai Hengcheng Bevrage Equipments company. Now we have finished loading 3000l hot water tanks, 2000l glycol water tanks, yeast storages tanks etc. For the whole 20GPcontainer. They will be shipped to their owners to finish their tasks. Bringing varieties of beers for craft beer lovers and brings joys, happiness driving anxieties, sadness, frustrations and other negative emotions, maintain a clean heart.  

We continuously monitor thepivəbişirməmarket in order to bring you the best equipments 'choices, prices, reviews and deals available. To help our customers start up with the suitable equipments, combinations and successful guide for them, We have won the trust of many customers, We believe that more and more people will believe in our quality::

We are eargly hope you can share with us on your plans and come over to see us in Shanghai China.

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