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Əl istehsalı pivə avadanlığı alarkən hansı məsələlərə diqqət etməliyəm?

Vaxt: 2016-08-04 Oxunub: 42

As the market for crafted fresh beer is getting more and more popular, choose a handy, well-priced brewed beer machine in front of every craft beer entrepreneur. Recently, the author consulted the relevant person in the industry's new generation of self-brewed beer equipment pioneers - Xuzhou Fresh Beer Crafts Information Technology Co., Ltd., to give some entrepreneurs who are entering the crafts industry to make some reasonable purchases. Suggestions.

The advantages and disadvantages of self-brewed beer equipment are mainly reflected in the following

1, equipment material.

The liner material is shodded, and 201 is replaced by 201. Both are stainless steel, and the cost can be reduced by 30%. This is the unspoken rule of many equipment production plants in the country. The biggest feature of 201 stainless steel, once it is welded, it is very difficult to weld. It is easy to rust, drop a few drops of water, and rust in 3 days. In addition, the thickness of the liner is too thin, the fermenter body is completely enclosed, and no manhole is reserved, and the material and thickness of the inside are not visible to most people. When the wine is fermented, it will produce a lot of gas. The thinner the material, the lower the pressure, and the easier the weld is not handled, the more likely it is to leak, which has a huge impact on the quality of the wine.

2, the energy consumption is surprisingly high.

If the insulation layer is made of rock wool scrap or other, the compressor power is small, and the pipeline design is unreasonable, then are you ready to pay the electricity bill?

3, pipe fittings, valves and various accessories

Pipe fittings, valves and various accessories, using low quality and low price on the market, can not be used for a long time to rust or water leakage damage, cut corners, and equipment is shoddy. When using electricity, the cost of electricity is high, the cost is high, the cost is high, and there is more fluency. The fermenter leaks, the electrical components fail frequently, the wine is difficult to make, it is difficult to drink, it is difficult to sell, and the ideal beer can not be brewed.

Sometimes it is not just the reason for the beer equipment factory, the buyer loves to take advantage of it, and the price is also the main reason. It is clear that the cost of more than ten thousand is not intended to be lower than the cost of purchase, and it is said that others are cheaper. In order to cater to customers' minds, some beer equipment factories can only produce equipment with low quality and low price.

There is an old saying that is good, "I am not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid that the goods are better than the goods." It is recommended that buyers do not listen to those advertisements that are too exaggerated, buy equipment that cannot be used in the middle, and more investigations and comparisons. Manufacturers make the decision again. At the same time, we advise buyers not to be cheap, but to buy cheap products, only to buy shoddy products. Manufacturers must also be profitable in order to survive and develop, in order to develop more cost-effective equipment. The quality of the equipment is good, the quality of the wine is stable, the customers are willing to pay for the good quality, the performance of the store is booming, and when the business is expanded, the equipment with better quality will be selected instead of the lowest price, so that the brewing industry can enter a virtuous circle. .